Sheffield Gay Scene

With one of the fastest growing LGBT Pride events, gay venues all around the city, and a strong network of support offered to men and women of all ages, the Sheffield gay scene is alive and kicking. Whether you want a raucous night out or a more refined drink with friends and new acquaintances you can find the perfect bar or club. This website brings you the latest on the Sheffield gay scene so that you can find guidance, meet people, or learn of the scene in general.

Most cities have a vibrant gay community but Sheffield’s is different. Where cities like Manchester and Leeds have pockets of gay bars and other gay venues, the Sheffield gay scene does not. Its bars and clubs are scattered all over the city, and there are even a number of them outside the city limits. This means that while there are many places you can enjoy a gay friendly drink, and even meet new people, you may have to explore if you want to find them all.

The Sheffield Price event has been held annually now for four years and the 2012 event looks set to be even bigger. The first annual Price event saw several thousand attendees while the 2011 Sheffield Price celebration attracted more than 10,000. The committee in charge of arranging the event has more than doubled in size and, this year, will be the biggest and best yet. The event will take place on June 2nd in Endcliffe Park and there will be numerous attractions and events for all to enjoy.

One of the oldest and certainly the most popular venues in the Sheffield gay scene is Dempsey’s Bar which is handily situated right in the city centre. Open until 2am every night, you can enjoy cocktails served throughout the evening as well as a friendly atmosphere during the day. Quizzes and other events take place on the ground floor in the evening while the bar upstairs offers members and non-members a place to drink and party.

There are many other venues including Matilda Tavern where you can also enjoy strippers with your drinks. There are regular gay nights held at the student union along with a huge collection of pubs, clubs, bars, and other venues that can be found throughout the city and the surrounding area. The Sheffield gay scene may be different to those in other cities but it is a great place for a fun and enjoyable night out.