Enjoying The Sheffield Gay Scene

Gay bars and clubs can be found in virtually every city and major town across the country. Sheffield is no exception with a fine selection of dedicated bars, pubs, and clubs as well as an even greater selection of events, carnivals, and more held throughout the year. You can enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in any of the gay venues Sheffield has to offer and whether you’re new to the area, just visiting, or are moving here to study, you will find a community of like minded, supportive, and friendly people to ease your transition into Sheffield life.

When it comes to pubs and clubs, you can head to the city centre. Here you will find the likes of Dempsey’s Bar which is open until 2am every morning and serves cocktails, offers karaoke, and provides a great atmosphere. On Carlisle Street you can find you will find Ma Bakers and Club Xes. Further afield you will find an array of other gay pubs and clubs that make up what is the sprawling Sheffield gay scene.

The Student Union is a popular venue too. They hold two different gay nights every month along with the city’s only gay alternative music night “alt”. If you like gay club nights then you can also head for Pink at Orchis and Fairy Likuid at Aqua. Other pubs and clubs may also offer gay nights and there are many other bars and venues that you can enjoy a drink and great company.

As a university city you will find a huge and varied selection of shops and markets too. Fargate is not only home to some well known department stores and more boutique shops but there’s a selection of specialist markets that cater to every possible taste. The Sheffield gay scene is popular already and its popularity continues to increase so there are shops and other places that are geared specifically towards the LGBT community. Shop around to find some of the best fashions and greatest looks.

The Sheffield gay scene is a year round phenomenon and as well as pubs and other venues that are open throughout the year you can also enjoy specialist events and celebrations. The Sheffield Pride annual carnival is a major celebration of the Sheffield gay scene and attracted more than 10,000 attendees to last year’s show with this year’s efforts looking as though they are going to be even bigger and better than ever before.