Sheffield Gay Scene Bars And Clubs

The Sheffield gay scene offers many venues including bars, clubs, and pubs, where you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere. There’s a choice of lively and loud night clubs as well as more informal venues where you can network and meet new people away from the bright lights and loud noises of night clubs and bars. Venues are situated throughout and even outside the city, unlike in other cities, and you can even enjoy hosted gay nights at the city’s student union and other venues.

One of the most iconic gay bars and longest serving venues in the Sheffield gay scene is Dempsey’s Bar. This city centre venue is a combination of both pub and club with two floors offering drinks and entertainment of numerous varieties every day until 2am. During the day, guests can enjoy drinks downstairs while this area is used for karaoke, quizzes, and other forms of entertainment at night time, which is when the upstairs opens for business.
Upstairs at Dempsey’s Bar is a vibrant and colourful night club. Cocktails are served throughout the night until it closes at 2 am and you can enjoy great music as well as a great atmosphere. Membership can help you save money on entrance fees to the club but you don’t have to become a member to call in for a visit and a few drinks. The central location makes Dempsey’s Bar one of the most popular venues of the Sheffield gay scene.

One thing you might struggle with in the Sheffield gay scene is finding a pocket of gay friendly venues and the closest thing there is can be found on Carlisle Street. Ma Bakers lays claim to being the cheapest gay bar in Sheffield and, as well as low cost drinks, you can also enjoy both male and female strippers on certain nights. Also on Carlisle Street is Club Xes. This is another long running venue that forms a popular part of the Sheffield gay scene roster of pubs and clubs and as well as being open every night of the week it also features nights like fetish nights and transvestite nights.

If strippers are your thing, then as well as Ma Bakers, the Matilda Tavern is another great choice. Housed in a building that dates back to 1825, this recent addition to the Sheffield gay scene was only revamped as a gay bar and you can benefit from modern d├ęcor as well as loud and entertaining nights out in a friendly atmosphere.