Sheffield Pride

Sheffield Pride is the annual LGBT Pride event which takes place in Sheffield every year. First formed 4 in 2008, the event has undergone a name change and has seen its attendance figures multiply massively since its early days and this years event looks set to attract considerably more than 10,000 people. The Pride celebration is a great showcase for the Sheffield gay scene, incorporating numerous events and shows and it will take place in Endcliffe Park on June 2nd 2012.

The very first event in 2008 was called the South Yorkshire Pride and it attracted several thousand people. Hosted in Cemetery Park it was considered a resounding success, buoyed at least partially by the great weather and the numerous bands and musicians that appeared and performed over the course of the event. The success of the South Yorkshire Pride meant that next years event was almost certain to happen although there were changes afoot this time round.

The name of the event changed from South Yorkshire Pride to Sheffield Pride and the venue changed from Cemetery Park to Endcliffe Park but the fun and celebration remained for the 2009 event. More than 5,500 visitors from the Sheffield gay scene and further afield attended, and they were entertained and joined by the likes of Electrovamp. The 2009 Pride event was considered another great success but it was, again, to be outdone by the next year’s celebrations.

In 2010, attendances grew even further with around 8,000 hitting the Sheffield gay scene and enjoying the incredible atmosphere in Endcliffe Park. This event also saw a larger number of local businesses and organisations turning up to the event showing their support for the Sheffield gay scene.

Endcliffe Park had become the firm favourite for Pride events now and in 2011 attendances rocketed to more than 10,000 people. An after party celebration was hosted by Climax and organisers turned their attention to the fifth Sheffield Pride event, set to take place this year on June 2nd.

Dance stages, cabaret tents, urban music tents, and even a ping pong parlour were all found at the 2011 event and as the size of the committee that arranges the Sheffield Pride event has more than doubled, guests should expect a bigger, wilder, and even more eventful carnival than ever before. You can show your pride this year by visiting Endcliffe Park on June 2nd and taking part in the celebrations.